Soul Cannery is an Artisan Preserve Company specializing in Jams, Fruit Butters, and Extracts. Artisan means our products are handmade using high-quality local ingredients. We put our own Soul Food spin on our Jams and Fruit Butters by making them highly flavored and delicious all the while using less than half the sugar of most store-bought brands.
All of our products are: Vegan - Gluten Free - All Natural Ingredients - Contain No Artificial Flavors or Colors.
We enjoy being creative with our flavors making unique flavor combinations like Peach Cobbler Jam, Berry Vanilla Jam, Sugar Plum Butter, and Mango Habanero Jam. We also love to spice up old favorites like Apple Butter and Peach Butter. 
Our Extracts are aged slowly to offer the highest flavor quality and are produced without any additives. In fact, our extracts are such great quality most dishes will only need half the recommended amount on the recipes.  
It all started when we made a social media post about a batch of soul flavored jam we made for our family. Then we started getting direct messages asking from people looking to buy our jam. Next thing we knew, we were shipping our Soul Food Preserves all over the country. We have been so excited by the growth of our business and will continue to put the same love and pride into each batch as we put into our very first batch.